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Fiber Goals

I still have a great deal to learn about weaving. At times, when I make a mistake, or something of that nature, I have to step back and remind myself, I’m still, and will always be, learning this craft. I am trying to pump out some products to have things for my booth in this upcoming fiber show season. I don’t think I’ll be doing more than a few shows this year but I don’t want an empty booth! Once I get some inventory, my plan is to dial it back and work on really mastering one type of weaving at a time. I’ve never been a quantity over quality type person and don’t intend to change that now!

Aside from those goals which are specific to weaving, I’m also beginning another project. Our youngest daughter, S, and I are going to learn how to dye yarn using plant based dyes. We want to start a dye-plant garden, as well as forage our woods for other ingredients. I have a book arriving today so we can begin studying and planning. My goal is to eventually only use natural yarns which I’ve hand-dyed, using plant-based dyes, the ingredients of which were obtained from our farm. This way I can also only dye the amount of yarn needed for a particular project, greatly reducing the amount of wasted yarn. This is likely a 2 year goal, but perhaps we can get there sooner.

Do any of you use plant-based dyes? Any suggestions? How did you learn about them?

Until next time!

This is the book we’ll be using.