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This handwoven, reversible, krokbragd rug is made with 100% lopi wool yarn from our flock of Icelandic sheep. 26″ x 37″

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This handwoven krokbragd rug is made with 100% lopi wool yarn from our flock of Icelandic sheep. This particular rug was made with the wool of Gumi & Freyja. Krokbragd is a traditional Norwegian type of rug weaving which, using 3 passes (pics) of yarn for each visible “line”, creates a dense, thick, strong rug. The rug is held together using 100% cotton warp yarn, which was made here in Maine. Both the cotton warp and the wool weft, are all natural, undyed colors. Weaving a krokbragd rug of this size requires a great deal of time and wool. A total of just over 2,400 yards of our lopi yarn is in this rug, along with almost 20 hours of my time.

Wool is naturally antibacterial and Icelandic wool is particularly hardwearing. If the rug ever needs cleaning, spot cleaning with a gentle wool-specific soap and air dying would be best. Otherwise, professional cleaning is recommended. If upon delivery the rug has curled at all, a warm iron with steam will flatten it back out.

If you love this rug but would prefer to have it as a wall hanging, please message me so we can work out the details.

The rug measures approximately 26 inches wide by 37 inches long.

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