Our Chickens

   We have hens of three different breeds: Barred Plymouth Rock, Black Australorps, and Easter Eggers. The Easter Eggers were sold to us as Ameraucana chickens though that breed is very rare and these, like most sold under that breed name, are not authentic. They do give us beautiful eggs though! A few of our chickens have names but mostly we just have fun with them without the need for names. We built a decent sized coop for them in a small pasture just beside our house. The hens free-range during the day and all happily return to their coop at dusk. We feed them organic feed and make sure they all remain healthy with organic ACV added to their water and food grade DE added to their dust bath and coop.

Their eggs are currently being sold at the Washington General Store. We plan to put up a small, self-serve farm stand after the snow melts and will then offer eggs there. This page and our Instagram feed will be updated once the farm stand is open and stocked.

Here are some photos of our hens from the time they were chicks until now.

UPDATE 4/2018 – We lost 2 hens to a red fox and one is healing from a narrow escape. We’ve now put out our electric chicken netting from Premier 1 Supplies and luckily they aren’t flying out of their area this time, like they did last year! Hopefully we can keep these 10 ladies safe while still allowing them to free range.

UPDATE 7/2018 – We added a few Icelandic chicks to the farm in May. There were supposed to be more but the breeder only had 4 chicks hatch. One died on the breeder before we arrived to pick them up. Another died shortly after we brought them home. That leaves us with and Icelandic chicken flock of TWO chickens. They are now in our chicken tractor and will begin following after the sheep soon to aid our rotational grazing program. We have a winter coop almost finished for them too. Next spring we plan to purchase and incubate some Icelandic eggs ourselves to add to this flock.

Icelandic Chickens