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Starting Over

I’ve always wanted to write, but then I realize I never turn that “want” into something I actually do. I can’t even keep up with a blog, for goodness sake. I decided I should at least give this thing a go. We’ll see how long it lasts. I don’t pull out my laptop very often anymore so this entire attempt may quickly flop.

Where are things currently with the farm? Let’s see. We just returned our borrowed Finnsheep ram, Thorn, to our friend, Mary’s farm. We aren’t sure if he sealed the deal or not. He wore a marking harness and plenty of ewe bums were marked. The problem is that the ladies seemed to continue to cycle right up until he left. One ewe in particular, Freyja, our moodiest ewe, remained *ahem* unspoiled by Thorn. She ran and ran from him, with success, for the entire month he was here. Oh well. She is a proven ewe, having given us twins last year. Hopefully we didn’t transport Thorn back and forth and feed him for nothing. As with most things, time will tell. Of course, the wethers will likely let us know if anyone cycles again long before their potential due dates arrived. Fingers are crossed!

The chickens are annoying. Will built them a new coop which is attached to the barn. There is the indoor part and the covered “yard”. Obviously they decided to roost in the rafters of the “yard” portion, instead of inside their coop during a big temperature dip. Now quite a few have frostbite on their combs. They haven’t laid any eggs in about a month now. I had to buy eggs a few weeks ago for the first time in 2 years. It hurt a little. The worst part is having to remember to take an egg out of the fridge to get to room temp before baking. After 2 years of storing them on the counter in a skelter, I’m not used to that extra step in baking. I know, cry me a river.

The holidays are over. We had a nice visit with a few family members who came to stay with us. We are always thankful to those who are willing to travel all the way up here to share their time with us.

I’ve been trying to crank out some weaving. Part of the joy of weaving is that you can’t really crank it out though. It is a time consuming, thoughtful craft. The minute you rush, is the moment you make a mistake, which takes longer to fix than it would have to just calmly done it correctly the first time. Given that preface, it won’t be shocking to learn I’ve spent some frustrating hours undoing mistakes lately. So I’m back to slowly creating the things I dream up. I just finished a few rugs, some mug rugs and a small table runner. I’m also still working on the Celtic knot baby blankets. I should also mention the table runner I made and am now unweaving. Grrr. It wasn’t what I wanted it to be and I don’t have enough of our flock’s yarn to waste any, therefore, I shall backtrack. We. must. save. the. yarn! I’ll take my sweet time with the next project.

It is hockey season and our youngest daughter (13) is on 2 teams this year. One is a local, house hockey team and her travel team hasn’t been as busy as they were last year so it hasn’t been as bad as I’d expected. Alas, it does keep me from my loom quite often.

There is more happening but I’ve typed enough and am tired.
Until next time, be kind to one another.