Midgard Meadows is a family-run sheep farm. We have a small flock of purebred, registered Icelandic sheep. We had a bit of trouble finding a pregnant Icelandic ewe to gain lambing experience in 2018 so we got 2 Finnsheep ewes instead. Our first 5 lambs were born here on the farm in March & April 2018. Once the lambs were grown, we converted back to just our Icelandic flock.

In March & April of 2019, our Icelandic ewes added 8 beautiful lambs to our flock. We wethered all 5 rams so that they, along with the 3 ewe lambs would add a variety of color to our fiber flock. Animal welfare is our top priority. We are responsible, caring breeders who take pride in our happy, healthy livestock.

We offer a steadily widening  variety of products including, hand-forged metal pieces and fiber products, such as yarn & handwoven items. Since we value the ability to connect with people over the items we make, we choose to only sell them at local craft & fiber fairs. My fiber studio is open by appointment as well.

We have an egg stand open at the entrance to our hay field on Old Union Rd. Please use the contact form if you need directions. This stand is the result of our deconstruction and merging of our small egg stand and Little Free Library. Even if our farm stand is out of items, there will be books in the LFL, free for everyone! I will try to update this page as to our current stock when there is a change (new items or out of items). Please check this page or our Instagram to see what it currently there!


UPDATE 11/2019: We’re borrowing a ram from a very respected, trusted friend/shepherdess! He is a registered Finn! We’re crossing to get our ideal fiber flock. This Finn ram should give us lambs with fantastic personalities and even softer wool! YAY! We should be lambing in May 2020 if all goes according to plan.

Current farm stand stock:
Oct 2019 – Stand is closed for the season. People are still using the LFL so we will leave it out there for the winter.

LFL is stocked with great books for children & adults. Come add one, take one, or both!