Currently we have 7 Icelandic sheep. We added this lovely Icelandic ram, from Vermont, to our flock in August 2018. He is the sire of our 2019 lambs! Once he has been proven to have done his job, he’ll be moving on to a new farm to give them beautiful lambs. If interested in him, please use the contact us form and we’ll answer any questions.

Our Ram

Gumi [goo•me] is an incredibly handsome guy. He is a moorit (brown) with spotting! For those who haven’t studied Icelandic sheep genetics I’ll quickly explain the importance of this. Moorit is recessive to black and all Icelandics have a base color of brown or black. If we had a Ram with a black base color (quite common) we’d likely have all black lambs (although mouflon, badgerface or spotting patterns may keep them from appearing black). Also spotting is recessive. If he didn’t have the spotting gene at all, it wouldn’t show in any lambs. Since he has it, it means he has a double copy. Sigga & Freyja also have spotting so their lambs will be spotted.

Enough of that. The best thing about Gumi is his personality. He may be well over 200# but he is a big teddy bear. We can’t wait to see the gorgeous, sweet lambs he gives us!

Our Ewes

This is Sigga. She was born in 2014, although she has never been bred. She was the product of an unplanned breeding at her farm of origin. Sigga was born late in the year and therefore grew slowly. Hopefully 2019 will be her year to finally lamb. She is part of our original flock, purchased in Nov 2017.

Frigg is our smallest ewe, but that doesn’t keep her from being in charge often! She was born in April 2017. She is the friendliest of all our original ewes and comes running to us every time we come near their paddock or into the barn. She is part of our original 2017 flock.

Freyja is our beautiful, spotted lady. She has a nearly perfect build and will surely give us nice, strong lambs in 2019. She was born in April 2017 and is part of our original flock.

Hilde started out as the most timid of all our ewes. She warmed up though and now has a fantastic personality. Hilde has a beautiful fleece. I look forward to seeing her summer growth! She was also born in April 2017 and is part of our original flock.

Skye joined our flock in June 2018. She was born in March 2016. She had her first lambs, ewe and ram lamb twins, in 2018. They were Finnsheep crosses. Her previous owner said she was a fantastic mother. We met her lambs who were indeed large and thriving. Her coloration and markings are wonderful. We were quite happy to add another moorit to the flock, with the added bonus of spotting! We look forward to seeing the beautiful lambs she will produce with our spotted moorit ram! Even more than her coloration, we are excited to have her pass along her incredible personality. She would stand out to anyone visiting our flock as she’d likely be the only one to come say hello! Skye is as sweet as they come.

Our Fiber Wether

Flóki was a very impractical purchase. That being said, he is absolutely wonderful. He came from a different farm than the ewes. He was an unplanned lamb and was born in June 2017. He will likely never be full size so he wasn’t a worthy sire. We had him wethered so he could be our pet, fiber wether, and a companion for our ram. Bonuses are his charming personality and beautiful fleece! Another interesting bonus: when researching the genetics of our ram, Gumi, we only checked him against our ewes as that was all that mattered. Turns out, Gumi is Flóki’s uncle! 😀