Current and Upcoming Inventory

Gumi [goo•me] is an incredibly handsome guy. He is a moorit (brown) with spotting! For those who haven’t studied Icelandic sheep genetics I’ll quickly explain the importance of this. Moorit is recessive to black and all Icelandics have a base color of brown or black. If we had a Ram with a black base color (quite common) we’d likely have all black lambs (although mouflon, badgerface or spotting patterns may keep them from appearing black). Also spotting is recessive. If he didn’t have the spotting gene at all, it wouldn’t show in any lambs. Since he has it, it means he has a double copy. Sigga & Freyja also have spotting so their lambs will be spotted.

Update: Gumi has done his job here at the farm! His awesome personality came through with even our wildest ewe, Freyja, giving us a sweet ram lamb. His colors also proved to be the asset we’d hoped it would be. Our 2019 lambs are varied and lovely! Gumi is currently FOR SALE! Please contact us for more info!