I finally faced the proverbial music and listed Clover, Jacob & Evie for sale. They are all so sweet that selling them is tough, as is putting a price on them! I wish others could know what we do about them. It is time to let them move on to their new farms though. We can’t keep them all, even if we’d like to do so. I can hardly believe how healthy Clover is now! I was sure she was a tough one and a fighter with all she faced in her body condition and hoof problems when we got her, on top of being very pregnant. I’ll admit, I thought for sure the cards were stacked against her. To anyone considering adding her to your flock, this ewe may have had some problems but she proved her worth in overcoming all of them WHILE lambing & nursing her twins. She managed to heal her hooves, produce decent sized lambs, nurse them so they grew very quickly, and recover much needed body condition points all at the same time.

Now she literally hops around, running with her lambs. Her presence is a joy. Her lambs are the absolute best. She and her babies convinced us, after years of dreaming of our Icelandic sheep farm, to keep her ram lamb as out sire. If the Icelandic/Finnsheep cross isn’t as incredible as she and her lambs, we’re switching to Finnsheep entirely after next season. Clover is that incredible. Please, someone who will value her, contact me about adding her to your farm, to breed or to retire as a fiber pet. 🙂

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